Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My knees ache, due to a number of reasons. #1- I have jogged for at least 20min (a lot for me) everyday this week uphill; #2- I had my dance class last night and perhaps Lindy doesn't agree with me; #3- Today was my first day as a substitute teacher, thus the first day I was continuously on my feet in 4 months.

Which brings me to this day's entry--substitute teaching. It is a lot like being an aunt; you take care of the kids according to someone else's idea of what they should do, and if the kids start to bug you, you just give them back to their parents/teacher. Whenever the kids questioned the instructions, I just told them I was following Mr. T's lesson plan and that they should complain to him tomorrow when he comes back. I LOVED IT!! Finally, someone else being the bad guy. And, get this....NO GRADING. Boy, subbing is a piece of cake. Too bad it is unpredictable and you don't get any benefits. Even if I worked everyday, I wouldn't get paid as much as a regular teacher. And, I wouldn't get to know the kids or see them blossom during the year. But, NO GRADING OR LESSON PLANNING. Hmmmm....

So, I have one last teaching position I'm holding out for. It is as the teacher in an "alternative classroom" at an area high school. It isn't what it sounds like. I'm not going to teach the kids about organic foods or turn them into socialists. What it really is is an in-house suspension center. That means some teacher somewhere kicked the kid out for some reason (usually for being snotty. Actually, what am I trying to explain here; you all remember what buttheads your classmates were. {of course, I know you were an angel}). Not the best situation. I would begin after 1st period began and leave an hour after school ended, so I'm guessing that I will also be the detention center *bonus*. Anyway, it is a true sign of my desperation. It would be full time, including benefits, and, more importantly, NO GRADING. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think....

*Non sequitor*I enjoy cooking. I never did much until I began to get serious about losing weight about 2 years ago. I know, sounds funny--cooking to lose weight. But it's true. I could no longer eat out as much as before and still lose weight. I really like following the recipes; it's like a mystery--how will it turn out? is it easy to make? will it taste good? will it give me gas? Now, I also wonder if my boyfriend will like it. Most of the recipes are from those WeightWatchers cookbooks. (Yes, my new mantra is, "What would Fergie do?")


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