Saturday, July 17, 2004

Same routine, different day. Pretty much sums up my summer....Then again, maybe not!

to the clamoring requests of my blog fans (both of them), I'm writing
again. This week I've been house-sitting for a friend of mine in her
beautiful Santa Barbara home. She needed someone to take care of her 2
cats, 2 bearded dragons, and 10 birds. In return, I had full use
her home and pool. :) It was great! I invited some of my teacher
friends over for lunch, and they all loved it. So much so, that they
requested I house-sit for her next summer.

I had brought the
girls with me, but they were miserable; they moped about the small cage
I put them in, hardly ate, and hardly interacted with me. :( I took
pity on them and brought them home a couple of days early. When I put
them back in their cage, they came back to life: eating, drinking,
running around. Poor things! Tim's dad said the girls missed us, as
they ran to the walls of their cage when they heard Tim's parents come
in, thinking it was us. Now I'm back home and have opened their cage.
They are happily scurrying about their things and climbing inside my
shirt. <:3 )~ <:3 )~

Tim's parents are in town. They
arrived last week, spent the weekend here, and took off to discover the
deserts of the Southwest (or, at least, Las Vegas and Death Valley).
They returned last night, and will spend this weekend with us before
flying back to New Jersey.

Next weekend, Tim and I are going to Catalina Island with some friends to take in some snorkeling. That'll be fun!


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