Sunday, July 18, 2004

What the heck??!! Stress dream numbers 2 and 3

Last night, I dreamt it was the end of August, and I was back at school preparing for the new year with the other teachers. The principal gave out our schedules, and I ....well, bascially I had the worst schedule I've ever seen. I had two preps (meaning I taught two different courses, 7th grad life science and 8th grade physical science). That part wasn't so bad. What made it yucky was that I had 0 period life sci, 1st period phys sci, then 2-6th period life sci! I did not have a prep period! My first class was at 7am! It was for kids who failed it before and had to take it again! No one else except band had a 0 period! Just 8 hrs straight teaching! AND I had to share my room during first period with an art teacher for some reason! When I pointed it out to the dept. chair, she said it was because the University had made the schedules based on some research, and according to them I was the one best suited for 2 extra classes and no preps. "Why is that?" I asked. She shrugged and said it didn't make any sense to her, but the principal liked it. I tried to talk to him, but he was a real prat and kept avoiding me. I got the feeling the reason I was the one best suited was because I wasn't tenured yet and none of the older teachers would do it.

Then I woke up, realized it was just a stress-dream, and went back to sleep. I ended up dreaming it was the first day of school and no one entered my room when the bell rang. I went outside, and there was a retired teacher visiting and he was the favorite of all the students. The only way to get them in was to invite this teacher in. I was trying to get on with the lesson but his presence was so distracting to the students. They kept going up to him, trying to talk him into teaching MY class. He would smile and chuckle and say he would but it was out of his hands and did nothing to ease the situation like leaving me alone. bleh.

I suppose it is the other side of summer vacation. Time to read Wong and Wong's First Days of School and figure out what I'm doing, because it's gonna take me some time to refine it (i.e. change my mind 150x).


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