Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lesson Learned: I now have a sign on me that says, "I'm the STAR Coordinator; dump on me." Everyone's bringing me down!

Well, I'm now the STAR Testing Coordinator, and this week was the first standardized test. The 7th graders took a writing test, and it was my job to coordinate 450 kids and 20 people. Of course, I couldn't please everyone, and sparks are still flying. People are threatening to take things to the union. bleh. Anyway all the teachers are bringing in their testing documents and taking the "opportunity" to tell me what they think of the schedule, and how it went. I could handle that, but what I can't handle is the fact that they are also complaining about EVERYTHING and I mean everything. They're bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with me or the test, stuff from last year (about other teachers) and stuff that's years old! I'm not kidding! On top of that, I attend a monthly workshop that takes place in UCLA and I get more complaints during the 2hr trip! bleh. I needed a beer last night and tonight I had a little rum and a jog (not in that order) to relax.

Some good news: the teacher laptops came in. I got mine this afternoon! I'm not sure how much I'll be using it. At least it has a DVD player and I can now check out the projector and use PowerPoint!!

Barbara had her surgery today and seems to be recovering well. She's keeping to the old cage while her sister is enjoying being an "only child" for the evening. Barbara is eating, drinking, and much less groggy than when I got home. Right now, she's washing her face. :-)


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