Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lesson Learned: There is still some hope for the future.

Last week I got tired of teaching, so I planned a week's worth of activities and arranged them in a gameboard-style format; the kids do an activity and their grade determines how far down the page they "move." Wait...it gets even better! The activities are differentiated (the newest buzz-word in the public ed forum). Kids that don't "get it" do a slightly modified version of the activity I want them to do. They are all similar, and so far only 1 kid saw through my little game. However, he is doing it, too. The kids like it because it is very student driven; the instructions are all there. I help the first ones, and they help each other. Students can even land on a free day. Of course, I have it set up so that if they have a D or F, they work on missing assignments instead. Go ahead and say it, I'm brilliant. I know that's what you're thinking!

Anyway, yesterday I was so disgusted with the # of F's in my period 6 class that I handed out detention notices. The couple of students who would have given me excuses for not showing up got an additional phone call yesterday giving their parents a heads-up. I made sure I got the parent's OK for today, so they had nowhere to run to...nowhere to hide. Bwahahaha!! I was so proud of them! They all left with their missing work done and turned it and all of them passing!! I am so glad that some kids and their families still think that school and good grades are important.

Yes, I'm on a teaching high right now....oohhhooohh the colors....

Dude, Friday is the last day of school....cool....hey, don't bogart that progress report...


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