Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lesson Learned: One must be well-rounded, otherwise one will lose one's mind. I need to work on some Danielle time or school will drive me batty!

I was feeling kinda blah this weekend. I think it was because I was bored. I need to find something to release the tension from work. I also need to give myself permission to sit and do nothing. I feel guilty, like I need to be doing something when I'm watching TV or reading. So I don't enjoy it, it doesn't help me relax, and I feel yucky. And, just like I mix up my exercise routines, I shouldn't be afraid to change up my hobbies: knitting, reading, painting (which I haven't done in ages), exercise, and, yes, this blog. This blog was supposed to be like a journal, a creative release of my day. So, here goes.

Had a good day today. The kids did some practise measuring liquid volume with a graduated cylinder. They mixed colored water and ended up with ROYGBIV. They thought it was so cool! They were very cute. Tomorrow is our short day, where the kids get out at 1:05 ! :-) And it's Wednesday so that means coffee after school! :-) I'm even going to try and run with the kids tomorrow during my prep. I'll let you know how that goes.

Well, I have a student observer from Channel Islands University in my 3rd period class. She is supposed to spend 35 hours in a jr. high classroom, observing the kids and stuff. That should be interesting. At least it isn't a student teacher, where I have to let them take over a class and actually help them learn to be a teacher! The observers aren't in a credential program; it's mainly to see if teaching is what they really want to do. Apparently, Marcy has one right now who is too clueless to be a teacher.


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