Monday, August 23, 2004

Lesson Learned: Never trust a hairstylist who says, "Ooohhh...this is so cute!" while cutting your hair.

Well, on my way to the grocery store this morning, I walked by the neighborhood school and witnessed the First Day of School. These kids were all so cute, all dressed up in new clothes and clean faces. Some had flowers for their new teachers. *sigh* It made me look forward to my first day of school which is next Monday.

In the Back to School spirit, I got a haircut. Only one word for it: bleh! It is WAAAAY too short! I look like my aunt Martha! The only other women with this haircut are 40-50somethings with kids and grandkids! Tim says I look cute (which was the correct thing to say), kinda tomboyish. I don't want to look tomboyish! I wanted to look professional and active. Now I feel fat with a bad haircut.


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