Monday, July 26, 2004

Lesson Learned: Always wear sunscreen in the sun. I haven't burned my stomach in years.

Tim and I got back from a weekend on Catalina Island with some friends. This time, we didn't do any scuba diving; we were happy just to skin dive. The mornings were spent in the sun and water, the afternoons in relaxing. It was nice being in the water again. I do miss it, but don't want to do it everyday anymore. I would love to go diving in warm, clear water. My hope is to go to Mexico someday and dive there. So, now I have a sunburn on my tummy and shoulders. It makes sleeping on my stomach a bit uncomfortable. And the burn on my shoudlers makes me wary around the girls. They missed being out of their cage.

Today was spent trying to get back into my routine. I had a lot of inertia to overcome, but I succeded in exercising and watching my food points. All I have left to do are my 100 abdominal exercises. (Yes, you should be doing them, too.)


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