Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lesson Learned: I can translate my own handouts into Spanish! I just need all day to do it in.

The school is in a bit of turmoil at the moment. Most of the students have been placed in the Master Schedule, but we have more new students registering as we speak so come of the classes are compacted, so the Superintendent himself is taking this by the horns because our new principal (BTW-this is the first school he's ever been principal of) decided he couldn't deal with the pressure and finality of his word, so our new principal has been moved to another school, which leaves us without a principal on the first day of school, which is Monday. And as of Friday at 5:30 (when I left school, having arrived shortly after 7am-boy, am I dedicated!) we had no schedule.

Well, it doesn't affect what I'm teaching, just who and how many are in my classes. It would have been nice to get with the other teachers and discuss discipline and to make my seating charts, but I'm not going to sweat about it. I am more concerned by the fact that I won't have enough textbooks AGAIN! That really chaps my hide! I have about 160 students and only 63 books. *bleh* In fact, the other 8th grade classes are dealing with a similar situations. Seems last year's 7th grade class was large and no one thought to get more 8th grade books for this year.

Don't forget, school starts on Monday.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. The schools were all told they were getting new copy machines so not to order more supplies for the old ones, which they didn't. Well, 3 guesses as to what happened and what's going on. That is my excuse for not having my first day of school handouts done and why I'm working on them at home. It's not like I'm totally re-writing from scratch; one good thing about teaching both subjects last year is I'm able to re-use some stuff. But I don't have any Spanish versions of these particular handouts. It felt good to do it, but took a long time and a lot of brain cells dusting off cobwebs. Although I was able to get the words from an online dictionary, I had to conjugate them from memory. But they are all done!=:) Now to Kinko's tomorrow to make 160 copies of each! Hurray!

Did I mention that school starts
on Monday??


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