Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, you just can't help but say the truth.

Well, after sharing a consversation I had with a difficult student with the other teachers on the team, I decided that some of the comments I've made this year deserve to be posted. This is because the other teachers 1)Could not believe I really said that to the kid, and 2)Found these comments to be true and funny.

*Note-These comments are not posted in any particular order.

1. "If you were living in Mexico, you'd be selling chiclet at the border!"
2. "I know you're smart. It's too bad your other teachers don't think so."
3. "I'm the only teacher that likes you, but that's about to change!"
4. "You must really love the way I shout your name, because you're always making me call on you!"
5. "You're lucky your mother still likes you."
6. "Do you think your new teachers next year won't notice your language arts and math skills?"
7. "No, you don't have to do it. I'll just give you an F."
8. "Don't talk to me."
9. "When a teacher asks you to leave the room, it's because if they see you for one more second, they're going to do something they'll regret."
10. "You'll probably just die."

Looking over this list, I must be the most evil, heartless teacher out there! You must understand that there is a context for each of these statements. Hey! about 6 of them were said this week! They were usually said in the heat of the moment. Amazingly enough, I'm still most kids' favorite teacher. Go figure. Marcy says it's because the students inherently understand I'm speaking in hyperbole.

This reminded me of some comments we wish we could have on the report card:

1) "Your student is smarter than they look."
2) "If your student was an animal, they'd be a rock."

Sometimes I wish I was a teacher at a Catholic school back in the old days when a ruler was a discipline tool. OK-only a couple of students make me feel that way. The other 145 make it worthwhile.


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