Friday, April 07, 2006

brain fuzzy-

omg. i am so tired. luckily, spring break is finally here. so far, i've had some snacks, had coffee with my knaughty knitters group, and am reading weird comix on the internet. this one made me laugh outloud, because as a teacher i can totally relate.

boy, am i tired. i know i really should be napping, but let me share something cute with you first. ok-it's one minute after the final bell and i'm standing outside my room just to keep an eye on the crazy kids as they leave for spring break. a cluster of them (all mine, of course) had gotten a hold of a can of whipped cream and were spraying whipped cream into each other's mouths when one squirrely boy, mouth full of whipped cream, starts jumping up and down with a huge grin on his face yelling "spring break, spring break!" it was just so cute and priceless that i laughed outloud and heartily. if i wasn't so tired and trying to be a responsible adult i would be jumping up and down, too.


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