Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crazy like a Polar Bear

In preparation for our triathlon next week, Tim and I decided it would be best to take advantage of the better weather and conditions this weekend and head to the ocean for our Saturday swim. Obviously, this will give us a bit of practice getting in and out of the surf as well as a chance to get used to swimming in our wetsuits.

All that is well and good but swimming in 50 degree water is not! Man, it was helluv cold out there! Tim was surprised at the choice words that came from my mouth as we waded through water that felt like ice. Breathing was a chore, and actual swimming?? Forget about it! It was too cold to keep your head underwater. According to our surfing neighbor, the water is the coldest it's been in 3 years.

I was a bit reluctant all week about today's swim, since we had a great white shark attack a seal right off our beach last week. Bearing that in mind, we drove to the another beach about 10 miles away. (I know that in the eyes of a great white that's nothing, but we felt better). But, we perservered and swam out to the swim buoy (a distance we're guessing was 100yds) against a current. Oh, did I mention the current and bit of chop? In reality, that wasn't as bad as the temperature.

Upon exiting we decided to get warmed up before going at it again (this blog does have crazy in the title). I felt a lot more secure the second time, still cold but I knew I could do it. The chop picked up while we were out, but still managed to finish the swim.

I just feel sorry for my friend for three reasons: 1) she has yet to try out her rented suit, 2)the water is cold enough to take your breath and confidence away 3)she already doesn't like swimming in the ocean, and this isn't going to make it any easier.


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