Saturday, January 28, 2006

I love how rats see the world; everthing is there just for them, everything is interesting, and everything is either a snack or a hiding place.

You ever see The Nightmare Before Christmas? And that scene where Jack Skellington discovers Christmas Town and is running around singing, "What's this? What's this?" Well, I think that is the rat theme song. They want to see/smell/taste everything...thrice, especially if it's something you don't want them to have. Nothing is safe, not even your teeth! Beroe is a skilled rodentist. She'll sit on your chest, just under your shoulder, grab your bottom lip with her claws and pry your mouth open. Then, she'll proceed to lick the inside of your lips and your teeth. Sometimes she'll even inspect your molars!

Guess what!? It's Saturday and I actually graded something today! I am very proud of myself. Many's the time I've brought work home for the weekend and, usually, it never comes out of my bag. I plan on grading one more assignment tomorrow. :^) BTW-the forces practical went over quite well yesterday. One of my students, Carlos, exclaimed that it was the most fun he ever had on a test. It was sooooo great listening to the kids use the vocabulary and participate in discussions with each other!

Today was my cross training day, so I went swimming. Actually, Tim and I got to swim at the same time since I bought myself another pair of swim goggles to replace my last pair that Tim claimed for himself! ;^) It was nice. I didn't push myself, but did do about 25 laps over 43 min. My triceps...I can actually feel my triceps. The Strawberry Fields Triathlon, my first tri of the new year, in looming ever larger in the distance!


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