Saturday, January 14, 2006

So glad it's the weekend! One week diet soda free!

Well, I survived the first week of school after the winter break. Gosh, all the teachers were tired! The kids eventually woke up and seemed to jump right back into the routine.

I didn't go to the kung fu class last night. After an hour long commute home on Thurs, I decided to take a rest day then and run my 3mi on Fri, plus some strength training focusing on my abs, arms, and chest. So, decided that kung fu wasn't in the cards for that Fri. That said, I might go in on Wed.

Hey, cool news! I had "inspired" (or nagged, whichever) my friend, Jess, to join the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in March. :) That really made my day. Not that I'd see her or anything as she's in a younger age category than me. But after more taunting another teacher, Tina, will be signing up! She and Jess will be able to encourage each other at the gym. And, Tina would be in the next up category from me. At least I can cheer them on once I cross the finish. Of course, that is assuming I cross before them.

So, Jess was asking about my training schedule. She was very sporty in high school and college. I told her that I was following Hal Higdon's half marathon training schedule and would bike or swim on my cross-training days. Intrigued, she asked about the runs. "Well," I answered, " I just did the first run on Tues for 3 miles." "Three miles!" she exclaimed, "That's my goal!" Wow! Has my running fitness really gotten that much better? Seems like not too long ago I was glad to be able to jog the length of the street (~1/4mi) and totally stoked to jog a whole mile without stopping. Now a three mile jog is nothing. OK, it's still a lot of huffing and puffing and snot and sweat, but I can do it without stopping and not be dead at the end. Man, I'm good!


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