Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Even an old dog and learn a new trick or two.

Yup, I was referring to myself. I checked out that martial arts class this evening. The good thing is that it was very small; only 5 students. The bad thing is that I was old enough to be the mother of 3 of the students! After I got over it, I had some fun and even got to punch and kick a bag! At the end of the lesson the master had us all on our backs and walked across the floor stepping on our stomachs! Not just on the old lady's stomach (moi) but also on the tummy of the 8 year old!

The other new thing is school-related. The kids are finally at the point where I can do a differentiated lesson; they've done all the basics. Not only did I make a "game board" for them, but I also created a list of homework assignments for them to choose from. Cool, huh?! Don't you wish you got to pick your homework out? They even have a chance to earn a free homework pass. Gosh, I'm good.

I may be busily improving myself on the outside, but i'm feeling sad on the inside. my grandmother is not doing so well. she has had alzheimer's for the last 6 years and has greatly deteriorated in the last couple of days. the family isn't sure what's coming next. she is talking about men coming for her, a big light, and that she's afraid to cross the water. she's also not recognizing her children and talking to people who aren't there, like her grandmother and my grandfather (who passed away 4 years ago).


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