Sunday, January 08, 2006

I can and I will....

Tomorrow is back to business. No more loafing! School's back in session. But I did have a good vacation. I guess I could use a couple more days off, but I am taking another week off in Feb. :)

Tomorrow I start getting serious about my running again. I'm starting the half-marathon training. Stretching and strength training are on the block for Monday, but I might (again, might) check out a Hapkido class. I love the idea of focusing inward and kicking ass at the same time.

Tomorrow I must remember that I am the best "me" there is. I am perfect for this point in my life. How do you like it? It's my new mantra. My old ones are, I am the best teacher in America, and I teach in a positive and loving way. Not bad. They do kinda help.

Speaking of rats, yesterday we finally got everyone to live in one cage. :) We just cleaned out the big cage rrreeeaaaallly good and threw them all in. They didn't seem to mind too much. There was/is a little bit of wrestling. Barbara likes to think of herself as the queen of the cage and Fiona wants to be queen at times, but overall it's nice and peaceful. The cage seems to be so full with four girls in it and it's definitely got more action happening with baby rats in it.

Well, gotta go to bed early tonight. Gotta get up before the crack of dawn tomorrow. :( I might bribe myself with a tea latte.


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