Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lesson Learned: WoooowwwwWheeee!!! A little rum goes a long way! Everything is funnier and life is just a little bit better.

OK-I'm going to concentrate and do this well. nah. that takes too longl I'm just going to type this out.

So, today I had to give a "training" to everyone about how to give the BIG SCARY STAR TEST next week. that meant dioong a powerpoint during the staff m eeting. at the end. when everyong is tired and i actually caught someone falling asleep duriong my presentation! can you believe it!! anywayn, OI tole them what was what and apparently i said "don[t give me any sh*t, and i won't be in your face" in a n ice way, which is good, because that is very true. Poor kids; they had to doeal w/my stress. I actually yelled at a kid beczause he looked the wrong way. Yes, it'w true!! He was looking behink hiim to anohter kid who hatexz me (really. it's personal. he is disapoinyted that i'm still working and not fired for allegedly hiting him with anewspaper, which I did NOT do). So, I got all up ion his face and yelled at hiim for looking at and talking to this other kid (who sits in the totally opposite corner)and said,"if you weren't talking to Ernie, then you would have beeen bent over your desk with your head in your book doing the worksheet instead of looking behind you." He quivered in his seat )all 300lbs of him) and pretended to get to work. Hah! But still, I know I over-reacted b/c I was so stressed out abou tthis talk and the stupid test being given out next week. bhel. tomorrow I hvae a sub so that I can count all 900+ (uyes, i mean ninehundred) tests and put them in groups acccording to teacxher.

As you now know, I'm a bit tipsty. Everything is magnifired to the 10th power. I was watching a movie, "the shop round the corner" (so good, with Jimmy stewart...i love jimmy stewart) and started sobbing during a touching seane or a hoappy seane or a funny sc3ene. Tim isn't too comfy with me bing this drunk OK--I daid it--I
'm drunk right n ow, in case you din't notice it. But I'm not falling-down-puke-0up-0lunch drunk. Just "everythin-is-funny" drunk.

Well, gotta rrite a test. heee hee. wonder how many typoes thre will be!!


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