Friday, January 06, 2006

Frankie say, "Relax." And that's just what I've been doing....aaaahhhh

I 've been on winter break since the 23rd of December, and it feels rrreeeaaallll good. My husband (yes, I've got a husband now. He's a keeper!) and I spent Christmas week with his family in New Jersey. This week has been spent by me at home and it's been good. I did get up extra early this morning to get back into my old routine.

*sigh* The girls are going to miss me when I go back to school on Monday. They've come to look forward to their morning romp together and I'm going to miss all their antics. At least we'll have the evenings.

This vacation has been great! I actually finished 2 knitting projects :) I also bought a book on crocheting. I know, I know. The first thing that came to mind when I heard "crochet" was this funky green poncho someone made for me when I was 7. I think we all had an afghan or something made from those funky crocheted granny squares. But this book had a bunch of cool patterns that actually looked nice. So, we'll see how this new hobby turns out.

Speaking of hobbies, I'm trying to get back in shape. I was sick for the month of October/November and have resumed jogging. My first race of the year is on Feb 11th! A five miler! I did a bit over 2 miles today and on Sunday I'll start my Hal Higdon Half-Marathon Training. Oh, I so want to do a half marathon this year!


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