Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today I finally got "it."

It was amazing....It finally hit me,

Let me start over--You know how everyone says exercise gives you more energy and how exercise recharges you and makes you feel great? Well, I finally got that feeling today and it was frikkin' great! Especially since just 30min before I was whining and complaining (good thing Tim wasn't home to hear me!). I had gotten home late and had almost convinced myself that it was too late to go jogging when I looked at the clock, saw that it was 5:25pm and it was still sunny out. So, I heaved a reluctant sigh, suited up, and went jogging. "Just a couple of miles," I said to no one in particular, "I can turn back at any time." Instead, I tried to imagine myself at the starting line of the San Francisco Marathon...and how I wanted to feel at mile 6...mile 10...the finish line.... That kept me motivated to stay out a little longer. By the middle of my run I had found my stride. That had never happened to me before. Hal Higdon says to find a pace you feel you could keep for a long time, and that was it! At the end of mile 3 I still felt fresh and couldn't believe it was me thinking that way! Seems like only yesterday I was so happy if I was able to jog one block/half mile/one mile without stopping. And when I did I was huffin' and puffin'. So, today I really did feel great and ready for anything. Turns out it is a slower pace than what I was doing last week, but I guess that's a good thing.

And tomorrow is Friday! Yes! The kids are doing an assessment on forces and friction. I have 8 stations set up around the room and each group will rotate through. It's been a long time since I've set up stations since I can't be everywhere at once, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Should be "fun" for the kids, at least as fun as an assessment can be. Hey, question #8 has the kids removing a plank from a Jenga-like game.


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