Monday, January 23, 2006

What I need is a longer weekend!

I shared this with one of my students who agreed with me. Of course, I love my job....I just love the weekends more. :) This weekend I ran 4.5mi hah! Go me! Today is my stretch and strength training day and that is what I'm currently procrastinating on. I don't know why; all I need is about 30 min of abs and arms reps and then some stretching. I might do a FIRM DVD that really kicks my butt (which is starting to look very nice thanks to the year-plus of jogging I've been doing).

On Friday I was the best teacher as I had the kids work on a lab that involved cans of soda. Yes, real cans of soda! (They were what remained from my summer wedding and my husband and I just don't drink that much soda.) My, you could see their little eyes pop! The lab consisted of two short lab activities, one of which is turning the desk upside down and trying to pull it and recording the newtons and observations, yadda-yadda and then you place 4 or 5 cans of soda underneath and give it a pull and compare data. The kids were amazed that the cans made such a big difference. I let a couple of classes split one can between each lab group. However, I allowed each person 6th period (which is very small yet full of personality) to have their own can, provided they were focused and didn't bicker like usual. Gee, it was the most productive I've ever seen them. A little bribery goes a long way for sure! I guess that's the real lesson here. :)


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