Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ahhhhh....there's something about a small class....

Most of the kids were on a fieldtrip today! Can you even begin to understand the ramifications of this event? It meant that I had no more than a dozen kids in class at a time! It's a teacher's fantasy come true! They continued working on their differentiated unit, yet we were relaxed and had fun at the same time! Did you ever have fun when you were in school??? Probably not. OK, maybe they didn't have fun, but I had a great time! I mean, check out this post! I'm feelin' so good there's, like, a billion exclamation points! See, there's another one!!

Of course, that totally deflated when I was cleaning out my mail stack and discovered an independent study request for a student who leaves tomorrow for 15 school days. It was almost like kismet (but not) that I had just sketched out the next 3 weeks of instruction (during my enrichment class with 3 students. tee-hee) so was able to throw something together for him. Then I got home a bit late and had about decided to take a rest day when Tim came home and announced that he was going jogging. That inspired me to get off my lazy butt and do my 3mi jog. It was great! So, now I'm back in my good mood and am going to get ready to go to bead. Hurray!


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