Monday, February 13, 2006

Emotional Rollercoaster

Oh, no! your grandmother is very sick!!!
Hooray, now she's better...and even recognized you when you went to visit.
Boo hoo! your geriatric rat is having difficulty walking and using her front paws.
bleh! welcome student teacher who doesn't dress well.
Hey, watch it! you aren't the standardized testing coordinator this year, no matter what they try to say.
Wheee! you've got a bunch of wonderful coworkers and friends!
Yikes! the school year is half over and you're only on chapter 6 of the book!
Awww, the ratties are so cute when they climb into your lap and snuggle.
...but not when they chew up the carpet.
Parent conferences are coming up this week...hold on!
Don't forget to make a week's worth of lesson plans for the substitute teacher!
Yahooo! you've managed to inspire some kids this year and make them successful!
*whew* stop this ride, I want to catch my breath....
...OK-can I ride it again? :^)


Anonymous Darleen said...

Dont worry! Summer is a hop step and a jump away. Before you know it you'll be willing the school year to start all over. Good luck with parent conferences, i always hated those ;)

3:44 PM  

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