Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Warm fuzzies

Lesson Learned: It is better to lift somebody up than to take him down. Praise is a powerful motivator.

Well, today a miracle happened. It might be a small miracle to you, but it made me extremely happy.

One of my students, Jose, never does hardly turns in any work. It was a struggle first trimester to get him to pass my class, and last trimester he missed so much school that he failed. He's a bit behind on the current unit so he showed up at lunch and turned in his work! Not only that, but he hasn't missed much school this trimester ergo he's all caught up on work and is passing my class! Lordy B'gordy IwassoexcitedIjumpedupanddownyellingandscreamingand....gave him a cookie. He was so proud of himself he just stood there and smiled, thanked me for the cookie and then stayed in to finish his lunch. :) He's never passed my class before without a lot of, well, let's call it... motivation.


Blogger the anonymous teacher said...

isn't this such a wonderful feeling?! as teachers, we experience all their failures, but we also get the opportunity to experience their successes, too.

8:06 PM  

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