Sunday, October 14, 2007


My husband will be out of town, camping in Zion, for a week. I miss him. I see that I'm falling into some addictive, binge-like behavior in order to deal with his absence. Only instead of dirty dishes, empty beer bottles, and candy wrappers what you'll find strewn all over the futon is the following:

4 balls alpaca yarn
2 balls wool yarn
2 balls acrylic yarn
1 ball cashmere/merino yarn
2 patterns (from the Internet)
1 book of patterns
various needles of bamboo, metal, and plastic of differing sizes. One pair straight, one set of double points, and several circular.
tape measure
...and the ever important TV remote

bleh. I guess I'm trying to fill my loneliness and sadness with warm fibers (and one rat, but she does spend most of the day asleep) and instead of holding my hubby's hand in mine I'm holding on to alpaca and cashmere. I suppose it's better than the alternative, which is to fill myself with chocolate and beer and pizza.


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