Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better Living Through Writing

Well, I feel blah, and I thought that writing it down would help me feel better. It usually does.

My main blah has to do with my notetaking lesson today. I was planning on doing my normal notes, outlining the chapter with blanks, having the kids and I fill it in together. After looking through all the stuff (this is a new book) I discovered that they have a Science Notebook which is a lot like my notes (only in Cornell note form). So I'm thinking of reading the book in class together and taking the "notes". It means making copies, but that's what I did anyway. I think I feel yucky about it b/c it just seems like doing a worksheet. And we're reading in class and about 25% of my kids don't need to do that with me. I guess I should focus on the 75% that do need it.

I'm also going to show them a 1 min clip from Shrek. I also just remembered that this unit, Motion, always disappoints me because it's about Motion but we don't do as much fun stuff as you would think.


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