Monday, October 08, 2007

We. Have. A. List.

As most of you know, Tim and I are planning to travel around the world this summer. We'll be taking a year off of work and into life. I'm excited because we have a list of countries we'd like to see!
In no particular order:
Fiji/Papua New Guinea/ somewhere in Indonesia
New Zealand
Croatia/Somewhere in Eastern Europe
Thailand/Viet Nam

We were going for "12 countries in 12 months" but are one short. No worries, though. We're both flexible as far as actual numbers.

On Sunday we had a pleasant visit with a friend we made on our Guadalajara trip. (There we were, in this little posada in Mexico and we meet someone who lives 30 min away!) Tim had mentioned that he is learning the harmonica, just to have a portable hobby and something to share along our journey. I said I'll probably just knit, to which the guys said that would still be cool and interesting to see the different types of yarns used in other countries. I think Tim jokingly added writing a book on yarns from around the world. I scoffed at the idea, "Yeah, we could call it 'A Common Thread.'" We chuckled, but Nathan (our Guadalajara friend) was, like, that's a cool title, and we all pondered the likelihood for a bit, my head full of best-sellers' lists and whatnot, but then jolted back to reality. I'll definitely look for cool and unusual yarns and maybe knit up a jacket/cardigan of memories.

Monkey Rat is doing fine. She's definitely being more cuddly and we're trying extra-hard to give her some extra attention.

My kids had their first REAL quiz today and let me just say that I wasn't impressed with their performance. :-( bleh. Looks like another uphill slog this year.


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