Monday, February 05, 2007


i really should be in bed. in fact, tim would be a bit upset if he found out i was still up, so that is why i'm whispering.

i'm tired, but can't sleep. i thought if i wrote down what was in my brain it might help.

a. tim isn't here. he's at monday night movie with some friends. i decided to stay home so that i could go to bed early (ha) and also give the ratties some play time, as they didn't get much yesterday. i find it hard to sleep without him. guess that's what happens when you marry someone you love being with.

b. got hooked on knitting this very cool scarf. it's just stockinette stitch and two skeins but the color changing yarns are creating some beautiful stripes. can't wait 'til it's done!

c. fat rat. i'm worried about her. she's on meds for a respiratory infection and has been lethargic the last couple of days. she doesn't seem interested in exploring or saying hi like she used to. tim reminded me that our ratties aren't little girls anymore. they're middle aged now and the vet says that fat rat isn't as healthy as the other rats. i'm probably going to take her to the vet again this week primarily to check out that infection, ask if we should continue the meds, and see if her depression isn't just all in my head.

d. parent conferences today and tomorrow and the next day. lots of stuff. hope it motivates some of the kids. a few of them have a lot going on in their lives.

e.all this has me feeling very sad. except the scarf. that makes me happy.

*edit* man, this also has me craving chocolate, beer, and potato chips. it could also be that i'm "not pregnant". that time always has me feeling hyper-sensitive.


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