Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's a rat's life

In the Rat World there are two types of people:

1- Those who are Nice to rats and

2- Those who are Not nice to rats.

The vet pokes you, squeezes you, cuts your nails, smells bad, puts you to sleep and when you wake up you have owies with these things in them your people won't let you get rid of. Vets are definitely of the second type.

The ratties have had some interesting shifts in their little world today. Fat Rat had surgery to remove 3 masses, two of them tumors and the other a lump of fat (of course). Not only did she have to leave the comfort of her nest and sister to go the the vet but she has several owies. As soon as the medication the vet gave her wore off she started to clean herself and her wounds... not good. Before going to bed I noticed that she had managed to chew off one stitch. Well, her life just went from bad to worse. Tim and I put on the old Elizabethan collar on her and are watching her be extremely unhappy. :-( It just breaks my heart to see her so sad and struggling to get free of this monster.

On the other hand, Tim enlarged The Boy's cage! He's living the high-life right now. He can actually climb and stretch and explore. Currently, he's enjoying his salad in his new digs. :-) He also explored another room in the apt today which he seemed to like, perhaps because it didn't have any other rat smells?

Lastly, little Monkey Rat is confused. Firstly, her sister disappeared for a long time. Then, she came back but is in her own little cage getting extra attention and extra treats! What the heck?! Finally, Monkey Rat had her play time in a different room. I think that did her in. She Explored just a lttle bit but wanted back in her own room with her own smells and her own stuff. She couldn't understand that we were trying to kill the bugs (i.e.: rat lice) in their room. I think she's kinda mopey right now. She'll be better once her sister returns to their cage.


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