Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holidays-0 Me-2 ;-)

We are now smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Trifecta. The most challenging time of the year for anyone trying to lose weight. From the middle of Halloween with all those mini candies hanging around until the last Christmas cookie is gone, you are surrounded by goodies and yummies of all sorts. (For some, this continues until New Year's Eve.) Most of you know that it isn't necessarily easier at work. Most of the office staff has some sort of treat jar on their desk which is one reason why the principal knows me as well as she does (so I guess it works for her). Not only that, but a lot of teachers have drawers full of "emergency" comfort foods everything from Z bars to Almond Joy and are willing to share not to mention any treats that get brought into the staff lounge- cakes, donuts, chips and salsa. And did I mention staff meetings?? There is some more variety, sometimes veggies but a lot of times nuts and we've even had ice cream a few times.

So what I'm getting at is on top of the "normal" temptations Us-who-are-losing-weight are now faced with the challenge of rare treats that only make an appearance this time of year and are deeply rooted in family/holiday tradition. With that in mind I'm proud to announce that I showed a loss at the scale today. :-)

Christmas..Bring it on!!

We spent Thanksgiving week in New Jersey with Tim's family. It was cold and even rained but we kept busy by helping his parents move most of their things into storage and entertaining our niece and nephew. For some reason our niece preferred Tim's company to mine this visit which was a bit too much for Tim. He loves her but can only take so much at a time.

I surprised myself by signing up for a race on the day after T-day. In a sense I was glad I did it because it kept me focus and running. We also got to bring our niece along so she was out of the way for a couple of hours while everyone else packed. On the downside we weren't available to help out and when we got back I wasn't much help for the last of the moving. But, everything got done so I guess it all worked out.


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