Monday, September 15, 2003

Hope still floats....a job possibility is on the horizon. One of the are elementary schools might have a science teacher position open. I say, "might" because they are waiting for the final student counts in order to see if they need to let go of anyone. So, needless to say, I am feeling much better today than I was all last week. "What about that detention/suspension center job?" you might be asking. Well, seems that the school feels that they don't need that classroom afterall. So, my future has bounced back to teaching science. The elementary job is only 3/5 time, but better than nothing. At least I'll be teaching science!

Not much to talk about today. Just spent the morning at the gym (hoyeah, baby, pumping iron, running on the machines) and running to the store and back. Seems that the cashier charged me $29 for a squash. And it wasn't even organic!


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