Thursday, January 08, 2004

Come on, Friday!
Lesson Learned: All students turn into A+ students when bribed with candy.

Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty good day. But weekends are so much fun.

My kids were alright. However, there is a pair of them in my first period and apparently they have a couple of other classes together and they are a pain in the ass in those classes as well. They aren't bad kids, but they don't do each other any good together. Bleh!

On a good note, my assistant principal FINALLY got those extra kids out of my huge class and put them in my small class. I hope that'll change the dynamics in that class. Also, after almost 2 months, I finally got my school supplies in! It only took a lot of nagging and the custodian had to step in, but I got crayons and stuff!

I rediscovered that kids will participate and demonstrate their knowledge better when bribed. I asked for students to get up and demonstrate the four different types of friction, and got nada. Then I said what if I gave you a piece of candy, and all of a sudden there was a forest of hands! Imagine that.


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