Saturday, December 20, 2003

OMG! Has it been so long, dear ones, since I last wrote??? I suppose so.

Let me sum up: I finally got my voice back. Not 100%, but pretty close. My throat is still scratchy and I'm pretty phlegmy, but at least I'm audible.

Let me say that I AM SOOOOOOO GLAD TO BE ON VACATION!! I was pooped. It's hard jumping into the middle of the school year like that. I'm going to sit and plan out a couple of weeks of curriculum so I know what the heck I'm doing.

My classes are getting better, especially 3rd. Second is good, as always, but now first is getting on my nerves. I'm still enjoying my 8th graders.

I have a butt-load of grading to do. I don't know how it got so out of hand. I was real good there for a while. I'm going in on Monday for a few hours and get caught up. I'm hoping to recruit a friend's help.

Still love the rats. They now both get out of the cage and explore. They aren't too crazy about being held, but they do like it when I pet and scratch them in their hat-hammock. This evening I brought them downstairs to get them used to being somewhere different. Barbara actually climbed out of the cage twice (and immediately jumped back in), so I'm hopeful for this week. I'm taking them to my aunt's house while I'm down there for the holidays. We'll see how it goes.

I spent all morning in the car. Tim flew out of LAX (heading to his family in New Jersey) and I offered to drive his car back to save him a few bucks. Bleh! Traffic and stuff.....But, I made it home again.

Kinda nice to be alone, but I do miss having Tim around. The girls (ie:rats) are furry and cute, but not as good at conversation as Tim. Plus Tim is more cuddly.

I have the best boyfriend in the world. I felt the gifts he got me for Christmas and it looks like a book and a gift certificate. I would tell you what I am getting him for Christmas, but as there is a chance he'll read this, I won't. He probably knows what it'll be, but I would like to have the illusion of surprise. He won't be opening them until he gets back next week, though.

Well, it's late and I have to go weigh in tomorrow. Bleh! I have been sick and I always gain weight when I'm sick. But, it needs to be done. I really do need to get back on the program. I'm starting to creep up!! yikes!!!! (OK-only weigh 2lbs more than last year, but still. Never want to be that heavy again!)


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