Saturday, December 06, 2003

Sorry, blog fans. I've been remiss again. But you're probably all used to it by now.

Yesterday was another rough day. Not the entire day like Thursday, but 3rd period was loooooong and painful, even for me. I feel like I'm losing them. I spend a lot of time disciplining them, which gives me less time for positive reinforcement and fun. I'm going to try again on Monday. We will be doing a practice lab. I'm going to explain the expected behaviors and send kids out if they act up. I want all my classes to be fun, but I feel they can't be if the kids can't control themselves. But I've read a website on the junior high school brain, and they are a lot different than the high school brain and especially the adult brain. So, while we will discuss proper behavior, I need to make sure the environment is fun and safe. I also understand that this is going to take time. And I need to do this in all my classes.

After school was a big relief! I hung out with some of the other young female teachers at a coffee shop for a bit (loved the Holiday Mint Latte). Then Jessica and I did a little shopping before the big staff holiday party. I got a pair of snowmen earrings. The party was fun and the food was great. Much better than last year's party Tim and I went to. Everyone was having a good time and not talking shop so much as beign silly. I had to leave early to go dancing, but by the time I got home, I was pooped and just played with the ratties and Tim before going to bed.

Today was a big lazy day for me, which is how I like my Saturdays to be. Took the rats out again; I think it's important that we take them out everyday now. We just handle them for a few minutes but eventually I would like to have them out for an hour. Then we went to Art from Scrap and got some scrap materials for rat bedding and to the Salvation Army for a litter box. Once at home, I went to the coffee shop for a bit and rented "Finding Nemo" for tonight. I haven't watched TV at all today, and I feel great! On the other hand, I didn't get any exercise today, either. But, I did exercise 5x this week, much better than the last couple of weeks! I'm glad I asked Tim to help me. Having him know my goal kept me accountable.

I weigh in tomorrow, wish me luck!


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