Saturday, November 22, 2003

TGIF:So glad I made it to Friday. My first whole week as a junior high teacher ended on a good note.

I had a good day. I was more firm today, which means an improvement in my classroom management. Even so, I am lucky that all my classes are pretty good. None has made me tear my hair out yet. My third period takes a lot of my energy, but that is mainly due to its size. I LOVE second and fifth periods! Those kids are so glad to have me and are so into the material. They all do whatever I ask, not like the other classes, where if I ask the class a question, they think it's a time to chit chat. Anyway, today I did a demo in 5th and 6th period (my 8th grade physical science classes) on the Law of Conservation of Matter. Basically, the kids had to predict what happened to the mass of an ice cube when it melted and what happened to the mass of vinegar and baking soda when mixed. They were so amazed when the masses remained the same. It gave them a chance to practice the scientific process; they all ended up having to change their hypotheses, which is what science is all about.

Friday night Tim and I went dancing. I hadn't danced in a while, and it was a lot of fun. I actually stayed awake longer than I thought (thanks to a cup of coffee).

Today (Saturday) I spent being lazy. I slept in, read up on rats, and napped. Also, I finally tried my hand at Nethack, and, to my surprise, I had fun playing it! I died 3 times, but got to beat up lots of monsters! ;-) Tomorrow is weigh in day, but I don't think I want to step on that scale. I feel like I've gained this week. I blame it on lack of exercise and chocolate. But maybe I'll weigh myself anyway. Whether I step on the scale or not doesn't change the fact that I've gained a couple of pounds.

I'm looking forward to a short week. Only 2.5 days. But that will be after 6 hours of work tomorrow. I have a couple of papers to grade, a lab to write up, and materials to buy.


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