Sunday, November 09, 2003

Goal for the Week: I will exercise at least 4 times this week. With my new schedule, I may have difficulty in fulfilling this.

Yes, I weighed in today. Yes, I lost a little weight--0.8lbs as a matter of fact! Not a huge loss, but I'm not complaining. As long as it's going down, I'm happy. I had a good workout afterwards; lifted over 22,000lbs and ran 3.2 miles on the elliptical. I'm not even sore yet! Not even my triceps.

Well, as usual, I'm all motivated to stay on plan this week. I even took the "traveling journal." It is a journal that gets passed from person to person, so someone next week is going to read what I did and what I ate this week. I like taking the journal when I feel I need an extra kick to get me back on track. I usually have a loss on those weeks, too. So far, so good! And the night is almost over!

Tomorrow is Moday and I work! Hurray! It feels good to have a steady job. The kids have the day off, and we teachers have an in-service. Someone is talking to us about new philosophies on teaching, or something like that. Anyway, they are providing a continental breakfast and lunch, so I'm happy. Yes, teachers will attend anything if there's free food. I don't know what it is, but it's true. You could put a box of food in the lounge and people will eat it!

I spent most of this evening preparing for this week. I finally decided on a plan of action. I just have to remember that I am the teacher and therefore am in charge. And if what I planned should blow up in my face, then I'll just have to change it for tomorrow. Hmmmm....maybe that should be my lesson for the day.


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