Thursday, November 06, 2003

First Goal: I will not get up any earlier than 5:30am! Not if I want to remain sane this year.

Well, today was my first full day on the Rio campus. I miscalculated my commute time and gas consumption, so it took me 45 minutes to get to school, going with the flow of traffic (ie: 75 mph) and filling up. I arrived just in time for the staff group pix. Another sign!

Anyway, I followed the current sub around today. I met all my classes and was introduced to them as their new teacher. As you can imagine, this elicited mixed responses from the students. A few were disappointed (I know they will miss Mr. G). A few were glum (now they REALLY had to shape up). A few were confused (needed to be reminded that I was the REAL teacher and would be with them till the end). And, a very few were glad. I think that, deep down, they are pretty happy to finally have some consistency.

The subs have done a good job with the kids, but they definately need more organization and better planning, which I will naturally provide. Sadly, they haven't had any labs yet! Can you believe it?? That is the best part of a science class! I have begun to search for a lab for us to do next Friday. This is going to take A LOT of planning on my part, as there aren't any science labs on campus, supplies are very limited, I have no lab supplies in my room, and I only have 45 minutes to go over the lab sheet, set up the class, pass out the materials, do the thing, answer the questions, and clean up! BLEH! But, I'm sure the other teachers have some suggestions to make this less of a hassle.

Since I was a little late in arriving at school this morning, the thought, "Maybe I should get up earlier," entered my mind. Fortunately, the rest of me said, "No way!" I refuse to get up any earlier than 5:30 (the smelly butt-crack of dawn). That is cruel enough. So, in order to do this, I realize I really need to manage my time wisely. I also don't want to do any grading at home. Therefore, I began to read Scott Purdy's book, "Time Management for Teachers." It seems to have a lot of great ideas and time-saving tips. It also makes me look at myself as a true professional, which is how I do see myself, but thought I was being silly. I am only a teacher, afterall, but Scott says we teachers need to behave as the highly specialized professionals we really are, and I'm down with that.


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