Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Lesson Learned: There are better rewards than food.

Had a good day. Was my first day back OP. That is WeightWatcher's for "on plan," meaning that I journalled, kept track of my points, drank my water, etc. Was generally "good." It was my first OP day in what feels like a long time. I felt so good after working out that I immediately thought to treat myself to some sort of snack as a reward. Then I realized that I'm never going to fully maintain my weightloss until I look at how I see food. Food shouldn't be a reward, at least not for me. So instead I went to the store and tried on clothes for an hour. It was great! I loved trying on sizes that I could never have even dreamed of trying on almost 2 years ago. (Geez, has it been that long?)

I did some errands this morning. Had to go to the university to order some transcripts and get a copy of my CBEST card. Bascially shows that I passed a test demonstrating my ability to write an essay and do basic math. Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you that I applied for a job as a junior high science teacher yesterday. I know, I said I would wait until next month, but I checked the website out of habit yesterday and found this opening in Oxnard. Yes, I said Oxnard. It is a bit of a drive, about 40 minutes, but not too bad as it is against the normal flow of traffic. Anyway, they wanted to see my CBEST card. Apparently, my cleared California single subject credential is not enough, eventhough I can't have one if I didn't pass the CBEST. Bleh!

So, let me tell you a bit more about this job. It is in a challenging area. Oxnard is quite rural, so there tends to be a large immigrant class there. Kids and families move about or are recent immigrants, so there are all sorts of holes in the kids' education. But, I like 7th and 8th grade. Life science is my love, and physical science at this level is mainly Newtonian in nature, so no big whup.

Anyway, the human resources person will be in tomorrow and hopefully will be impressed with my resume/application and grant me an interview next week. We'll see.

Tomorrow I am a social studies teacher at the junior high. Should be fun.


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