Friday, October 10, 2003

Lesson Learned: You aren't perfect, you are going to make mistakes, so get over it.

Began today by being on time, which was good, and looking forward to an easy day, as all the classes were shorter due to an afternoon assembly (more on that later). All I had to do was pass out a packet that had vocabulary terms, a couple of vocab activities, and a true/false quiz the kids were to answer as they watched a short video. The packet had to be worked on during class, finished at home and turned in on Monday. Sounds easy, right? Well, to make a long story short, periods 1,2,3 ended up a whole lotta extra work because I misinterpreted the teacher's lesson plan. OOPS! :-P At least, I'm pretty sure I did. So, periods 4 and 6 had a lot less to do.

Back to the assembly. Let me just say that watching a bunch of 12/13 year-olds on stage, who can't really act, in a program they seemed to have written themselves and included time travel, rapping, inside jokes, and a rabid squirrel, is not something I enjoy. It was really bad. I was sooo bored. The kids in the audience were loud, and when they were quiet, I still couldn't hear those on the stage (they didn't seem to think that mics would be useful.) It felt like a big waste of time. The purpose was to explain the function of the....hell, I'm not really sure what the fuck the purpose was. The only thing I understood was that the new principal thought that dividing the students into houses, like in those Harry Potter books and other schools abroad, would be good for discipline and create teamwork and a positive atmosphere and blah, blah, blah. (Actually, this I got having lunch with some of the staff a few weeks ago.) There was some mention of the current house positions and that you can get points for perfect attendance and participating in lunch-time sports. I think a memo could've taken care of this. I mean, I had to run around yesterday finding out when I was going, which period, where did we sit, etc. And spend today rushing through instruction.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you're saying: What about the students? What about giving them a chance to display their humor and creativity in front of their peers? What about school and team spirit? OK, ok, you win.

Anyway, did have a good time with the kids, even with all the work I made them do. The teacher will just have to take care of things on Monday. Hurray for passing the buck! I hope I'm not generating too much negative teaching karma!

Afterwards, went to Tim's office. A friend of his was giving a slide show of his underwater pix from a trip he took a while ago. Then I met Darlene for happy hour, and ate waaaaayyy toooo many points worth of martini, mussels, fries, and calamari. But boy, was it good! Now the regret is setting in, as I weigh in on Sunday and had a lot of points yesterday, too. Well, I decided to eat those things, no one forced me to. I was trying to lose a couple of pounds this week since I gained so many last week, but I guess my resolve wanes around Thursday. Hmmmmm....always on Thursdays and Fridays. I wonder why? Maybe the weekend has something to do with it? Also, I did work yesterday and today, so maybe ate due to stress?

Whelp, now I'm sleepy. Tomorrow Tim and I are going to check out the Harbor and Seafood Festival. Should be fun.


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