Thursday, October 02, 2003

Inspiration. People find inspiration in many things. It all depends on why you want to be inspired. Artists might find it in the glory of the day or the depth of their sadness. Some might turn to the Church and God and stuff. These things work for me when I am feeling artsy or need some comfort in my life. But inspiration can also come from other people. When I want/need motivation for continuing my weight loss journey, I look to others who are/were in my place.

For example, last week an obese woman walked into the gym and walked on the treadmill for about 20 min. I was jogging along next to her when she got on and when she left. Now, a 20 min walk may not sound like much, but I know that when I was heavy, there was no way I was going to any gym. I mean, people might see me, and what will they be thinking? I admired this woman’s bravery; getting dressed up in stretch pants and a tank top and heading for a place where everyone is thin and fit is pretty scary. When I feel like skipping out on exercise or pigging out, or even when life scares me, I think of her. She just walked in, did her stuff, and left; didn’t look around her or anything. Just did what she came in to do.

This afternoon was pleasant. I am still feeling a bit sick, but saw a movie with my friend Sabrina and a friend of hers. It was called " Under the Tuscan Sun" and it was exactly what I needed; girlie, predictable and romantic. Sabrina admired Diane Lane’s wardrobe, and we all fell in love with the scenery. Definitely not a Tim movie.

Lastly, my old friend Chris called up. I like talking to him. We’ve been keeping up this long distance friendship for years now. Mainly due to his energy, I will admit. I don’t know why he does it, but I’m glad.

Well, tomorrow I’m a junior high science teacher. Should be cake, right??


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