Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Geez, is it October already? Where has the year gone to? Anyway, had that meeting this morning. They wanted to know about my classroom management techniques and any note-taking or organizational skills I have used in the past to support students. I don't know if I said the right things. I realize I may not have the experience they are looking for, but, like I said yesterday, this will be my last interview for a while. I need to relax and move on. It went well, but that doesn't mean much.

I'm a bit distracted right now, as Tim is sitting next to me in his underwear. :^) Analyzing his gas :^P

OK- where was I....oh, yeah, my day. Since I'm still suffering from a head cold, I spent another productive day in front of the TV. I don't even remember what the hell I watched this afternoon. Something on E! and an old episode of Perry Mason. I love the court room scenes, but I hate how that show cheats! Yes, cheats! I mean, you go along, get introduced to the characters, and and the suspect is always someone you never met before. That's what I'm talking about; you never get a chance to solve the mystery yourself. Now, Murder She Wrote, that is a good show (and I also watched it today). You do get a chance to figure out whodunit and why.

Tonight I have the attention span of a gnat. I turned my head to check out some of Tim's animal pix, which led to my wondering how to say "turtle" in Dutch, which meant breaking out the animal encyclopedia (written in Dutch) which led to my looking at cool animal pix for the last 30 minutes. I guess that's a sign telling me to get to bed. Good Night. I'm subbing on Friday, so that'll be interesting.


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