Saturday, September 20, 2003

There were a couple of small glitches in writing this blog offline last night; hopefully I’ve eliminated them.

Attempted to attend the Avocado Festival today, but turned out we were way too early, about two weeks early! Oh, well. Did end up spending quality girl time with my friend Sabrina and her sister-in-law Debrah and her son. It is amazing how fast three hours can fly! Ended up eating lunch at a decent beachside grill and antiquing. Even though my job situation isn’t the best, I did end up buying a great pair of earrings. Every female teacher knows that good earrings are important, especially if you tend to dress conservatively, which I do.

At home, Tim and I spent a very nice lazy afternoon/evening together. Then leftovers for dinner with Casablanca in the DVD player. Overall a very pleasant day!


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