Monday, September 22, 2003

I had the best sub day today. I checked in with the school, and discovered that the teacher's schedule had changed, so I wasn't needed today afterall. When that happens, they have to pay me for the entire day, eventhough I didn't work! Haha! I got a paid day off!

What did I do with all this freedom, you may be asking? Nothing much. I had a longish walk in the AM (too hot to jog outside) and prepared for my interview. The school wants proof of my science background, and I believe that my science credential should be good enough. Turns out that I never registered my credential with anyone, so I have to remember what the fuck I did with, if I even received it. Or, request another credential, which won't go over too well with anyone.

I also did a lot of dishes and went for a good jog in my neighborhood, which happened to be mostly downhill, but still a good workout, especially as I had to go uphill at the end. Then Tim and I watched Monday Night Football. I like the social aspect of it, as we (Tim and several of his friends) take turns hosting it. That means 3 out of 4 Mondays someone else does dinner and dishes!


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