Monday, September 29, 2003

Got my dates mixed up, so no interview. Had the WEST (Women Educators of Science and Technology) meeting at my house. 5 other members showed up, as was expected. I like having guests, as it motivates me to clean my house.

I have another job interview on Wed. morning. It is as an academic support classroom person. A friend of mine mentioned my name to a local high school when they noticed they needed a teacher for 3 classes. I hope it goes through.

Pros: very little prep, chance to make friends, own classroom, in town, make a difference

Cons: 3/5 time, no benefits, unmotivated kids

Anyway, love the Green Bay Packers. They beat the Chicago Bears tonight! Go Packers! Brett Favre was reported as saying that when he retires, he would prefer coaching high school to pro football, so that naturally endered him to me.

Lesson learned: Monday night sit-coms are funny after two tequila sunrises.


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