Saturday, October 04, 2003

Today I ventured to the Carpinteria Avocado Festival. My friend Sabrina picked me up, and we had a good time.

First thing, we went in search of avocado goodies, and after viewing many tempting goodies (but not as many avocado-based stuff as I had hoped) decided on bar-b-que tri tip and guacamole tortas. They were ssoooo good! I was full and happy, and ate every last bite.

Once that was done, we listened to a live band for a bit and wandered through the crafts booths. There were some of the usual things you expect to find at a local festival, namely jewelry and ceramics. There were a few items that were new to me like flowers made from leaves (you have to see them to understand what I mean) and fairy costumes for little girls. There was a clothing booth full of those flowing-colorful-batik-silky-funky clothes that hippies and older women seem to enjoy. That was the most fun, as it gave me a chance to enjoy the close sisterhood women seem to share among themselves. It is too bad that men don t seem to have such a relationship, at least none that I’ve been able to see. For example, when we wandered in, two women were trying on these robes and dresses over their own clothes, admiring each other in the one corner mirror. While we were there, we were asked for our opinions on what they were wearing, and they gave theirs on what Sabrina was trying on. I got sucked into the spirit and tried on clothing that I feel isn t really me (if I was 45, then maybe I would be enticed to buy something like that). But it was fun being girlie, which is what I like from my times with Sabrina.

After that, we ate avocado ice cream, which is a bit spicy, and came home. Tired, I napped for a bit and had a quiet evening with Tim.

Tomorrow I weigh in, so we’ll see if that torta has taken up residence.


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