Thursday, October 16, 2003

Lesson Learned: Cooking is a fun hobby. It keeps me busy and we get to eat the results!

Had a good day. Felt like I had things to do. Did the stability ball class this morning. The regular instructor was out, so someone else took over this week. She has a very nice, calm voice, which is good, because she is asking us to do these things which kinda hurt! Her voice is so pleasant, you just find yourself balancing this and lifting that just because she asked! I was following along when part of me went, "Whoa, what the heck are you doing?" after doing this glute/thigh stretch while balancing on the ball.

After this, I met Sabrina at a Holiday Boutique. Basically, a bunch of crafty women (ie: make a lot of crafts, not shifty) set up shop in this other woman's house and a bunch of other women come in and buy their wares. I will admit that there was some very cute holiday stuff. There was one of a pair of snowpeople smiling with a sign that said, "Snow very much in love." I actually gushed at this (must have been responding to the high levels of environmental estrogen I'm not used to). Then my logic kicked in and realized that this is just "stuff" and I don't need any stuff. What would I do with it? Nothing. I'm not even going to be home for Christmas, which surprised Sabrina. But, her parents live here in town, so she doesn't relate to the "going home for the holidays" mentality that Tim and I have. She got it, though.

Then (and I'm really proud of this) I came home for lunch! Hurray! I fought the urge to eat out. First of all, I can't really afford it. Second, it would have been a lot of points. Instead, I had a huge salad (purging the fridge) and spaghetti squash. That is my new favorite lunch. The squash takes about 20 min to make in the microwave, but that's a lot shorter than 50 min in the oven. I think what I like most about it is that the squash is warm, and is a vehicle for tomato sauce!

Then I did a bit of odd jobs: Internet search for Tim, trying to find a bus schedule from his parents' house to the airport; called about subbing in another district; got some ingredients for dinner.

Then I cooked. I was having a lot of fun in the kitchen. The radio was blaring, the processor was processing, and I was dancing about. Tim came downstairs to say hi and noticed how happy I seemed. I guess I was. I really do like cooking. I don't know what it is. Before WW, it was more of a chore. Now, I like trying a new recipe and wondering what the heck it will look and taste like. And, I like the challenge of finding points-friendly dinners that Tim enjoys, too. I get real satisfaction when a low-point meal actually tastes good and satisfies his appetite.

Evening came on real quick!

Tomorrow, I'm at the junior high.


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