Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Lesson Learned: In the life of a sub, everyday is the first day of school. It's either kill or be killed!

Boy, am I pooped! I just discovered that being a sub takes a lot of energy. True, I don't have to GRADE PAPERS OR PREP FOR LABS/LESSONS, but I am constantly on the move nipping all sorts of mischief in the bud. It's hard growing eyes in the back of your head and increasing your radar sensitivity.

You know, teachers always ask subs for detailed notes on the behavior of their class. I know, that's what I expected when I taught last year, and that is what is requested by the teachers. The problem is twofold. First of all, having only 5 minutes between each class, I don't have time to sit and write down what happened, and by the time school has ended, I don't really remember what went on in the morning. Secondly, there really isn't much to say if the class was well behaved, which occurs most of the time at this school. So, if no one got hurt or sent outside and if everyone was focused and on task, then I think class went well and I forget the other details. Besides, other than really bad behavior, what else am I supposed to write down? How many people went to the bathroom? Who got up to sharpen their pencil? Who volunteered to read? Who asked for help? Today, I tried to write down more than I usually do, like the fact that AJ wants out of his group, and one of the special ed kids asked me for help, and that one group couldn't agree on a project. We'll have to see if this is better.

Tim suggested a walk in the zoo to unwind, so that's what I did this afternoon. It was nice. Since I used to work there, I visited with a couple of people and checked out some of my favorite animals. OK, I saw everybody (animals, I mean)! The guinea pigs used to be my favorites. I know, not exotic or exciting, but they make cute noises, there were a whole lotta them in one space, and the babies were sooooo cute! I guess I also liked the fact that they were snacks for some of the larger animals. But now they have been replaced with rabbits, and they don't run around as much as the guinea pigs! (I wonder if they are food, too?) Today I saw the gorillas; one of them was snuggled under a palm tree in such a way that all I saw was his silver furry butt. Two of the giraffes were cuddling (I realize that I am being anthropomorphic here). And the golden lion tamarins were hiding.

Well, so far, no job tomorrow or Thursday. I do have one for Friday. I will be either a science teacher or a special day class instructor. I ll find out when I get there.


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