Saturday, October 11, 2003

Well, began the day with a nice 2 mile jog. That really felt good. It was my first jog since my cold, and I'm glad to report that I don't feel bad at all. I have been taking it easy this week. In the past, I would do way too much once I thought I felt better after a cold, then get even more sick. Seems like I'm learning.

If you don't already know, Santa Barbara is the city of a thousand festivals. Take today, for example. There was the Harbor Festival, an Art Show with live music (so very much like a festival), and the Gay Festival. Tim and I went to the Harbor Festival and enjoyed the booths, especially the live fish. We bought two live dungeness crabs for tonight's dinner.

After deciding the food was too expensive, we came home for lunch. Tim then hit the zoo to take some pix, and I went to the knit shop. I FINALLY GOT MY STITCHING RIGHT!! I am soooo excited, as it means I can now begin on my sweater! So I excitedly cast on the # of stitches recommended in the pattern, using stitch markers and all, and then...I had to quit. I didn't understand the rest of the pattern. It was like another language. Let me give you a taste of a stitching pattern: Row 1- k up to last stitch before marker, inc * k rep. What the hell are they telling me?? I was going to ask BB, but she had a case of laryngitis and I had to meet Tim for the Gay Festival, which turned out to be a dud as there was no place for dancing! We were told that there would be a swing band playing around 5, so we should check it out. When we got there, the music was all right, but there was room for dancing on the grass only. You can't swing on grass.

Anyway, came home after wandering around down town. We invited 3 of Tim's friends over for a crab dinner and had a pleasant evening. Tim even built a fire, which was very nice.


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