Sunday, October 12, 2003

Lesson learned: I can do it! (I didn't use any FlexPoints today!)

Another Sunday, another Weight Watcher's meeting. I had a 0.4lb loss. Not big, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction again. Sadly, next Sunday I will be in New Jersey, so I will miss my WI. Two good things, though: I will be on vacation and as a lifetime WW member, I don't have to WI each week. Betty, our regular meeting leader, was out today, so Lynne (the head leader for our area) stepped in. Let me tell you, this caused quite a stir in the minutes before the meeting. Being two different people, they have two different personalities and different spins on the whole WW thing. Lynne is very structured and has a tone of voice, which, according to one member, can make you feel belittled. Betty is more free-flow and forgiving. I like Lynne because she has been with the program for so long. She began today's meeting with a pic of her 28 years ago and weighing 100lbs more. So in that respect, she has worked hard and knows what she is talking about. But, she is a by-the-book person. On the other hand, Betty has lost 33lbs and will tell you that she does not like to exercise or cook. She even had one meeting where she asked us how we all cheated. You can't imagine all the negative vibes that were in the air before the meeting started, and most of it was next to me. I am now a volunteer greeter; I provide newcomers with a friendly face and get them started with the paperwork. I spend a lot of my time standing by the door. There are a couple of women who sit near me and we all chitchat about our weeks, successes, etc. Well, today they just took Lynne apart and praised Betty up and down. I could see why they feel that way, as they are different with different approaches to losing weight. But I began to feel a bit uncomfortable listening to them go on about Lynne like that. Luckily, the meeting started and was more fun than Lynne's meetings usually are. But I will be glad when Betty gets back.

Anyway, after that I came home and cleaned up a bit before making lunch. The downstairs was a mess, due to the butchering of our crabs and the many dishes/glasses used by our guests. I still have some dishes to do!

Eventually, I headed to the Y and had a marvelous 2-hour workout. I never thought I would hear those words come out of my mouth. But they are true. I lifted weights and then jogged on the treadmill. Animal Precinct was on Animal Planet as I was running. As you may recall, I like to watch/read the Animal Planet when on the treadmill at the gym. Today, two cops were checking up on a car lot owner and his guard dog while a team was investigating some cockfights, which, as you know, are illegal. I didn't realize that when these roosters are confiscated, they have to be put down. I figure, you know, it's a chicken and they're pretty stupid so should be able to adjust to a new life pretty easily. Well, since they are trained for fighting, when confiscated, they each have to be put in their own dark bag, because if you put them in the same cage with another bird, they will tear the shit out of each other. Therefore, you can't give them to a zoo or family or farm because they would kill all the other chickens!

Steelers lost as did the 49ers. And the Packers! What is going on here!?

Tomorrow is Monday and Columbus Day. Don't get me started on Columbus Day. In my 20s, I used to get all riled up because of Columbus Day and the way the native americans (north, south, and central) were treated and continue to be treated. Banks and the post office will be closed, department stores are having a sale, and school is in session.

I'm not scheduled to sub tomorrow as of yet. Part of me hopes I get called in the AM. I need the money!


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