Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Lesson Learned: Food doesn't make everything better. You still have the same problems and now your tummy hurts.

I feel kinda tired this evening. I don't know why; I didn't do much today. Let's look back.....

Ok- there was that storage unit episode I already told you about. Then I went to the gym for about 2 hours. I lifted for about an hour and jogged for about 40 min (actually, 33 min of actual jogging and 7 min of warm-up and cool-down. Wouldn't want you to think I'm a stud or anything!). Came home, ate way too much and watched too much reality TV. I usually turn my nose up at those bachelor-survivor-money-love-Ted Nugent-type of shows, but I do enjoy some of the surgery-home-improvement shows. My new favorite is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It is a hoot! I guess men know how to make the most of other men and stuff. It's funny how the gay guys swoop in, rearrange things, chuck other things, and shop, shop, shop, all to make a straight guy decent enough for his girl. What did the girl see in him in the first place?

After gorging on bad TV, I went for another walk. I figured it would keep me from eating (I eat when I'm depressed) as well as be good for me. My legs were a bit stiff after this morning's workout, so I took it easy and just strolled around town. God, I love living here. Santa Barbara is a beautiful town. You should all visit! Urban hikes are a great way to see your town. I checked out a couple of menus to a couple of restaurants (one a bit pricey; Tim is going to take me there to celebrate my getting a job. So, we'll see when that happens). I caught a student art show at the library, smelled a couple of roses, etc.

Then I went dancing. Had a good class. I got kneed in the thigh for the first time, though. I've been stepped on and I've stepped on many toes myself (usually my own), but intead of touching his toe to the arch of the other foot, he touched his toe to his ankle, which lifted his knee and as we were in closed position, I got whacked. Not too hard, though. I think I was more surprised than hurt.

No knitting. I don't understand the language of the pattern, so I'm going to see BB tomorrow. I was going to go today, but got sidetracked by my self-pity. Also I'm a bit intimidated by her.

Tomorrow I'm hanging out with Sabrina for a bit. She invited me to check out a craft boutique. I'm also going to the On the Ball class in the AM. I like feeling that I have stuff to do. Makes it easier than having nothing.

Then I sub on Friday. Yeah!

Oh. BTW- Tim and I are going out of town on Saturday and won't be back until a week from Sunday. Did I tell you guys that already? I don't want to tie up his folks' computer, so don't plan on any new posts. But, who knows! Maybe I'll sneak one in :^)


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