Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Lesson Learned: Home is where the heart is. There's no place like home.

Boy, it feels good to be back. I wish I had the time and patience to tell you all about our trip. (For pictures, click here.)Let me try to sum it up:
Day1-arrive in Newark. Tim's dad picks us up.
Day2- Dinner with Tim's sister and brother-in-law. She is the reason we are in Jersey; she is home on leave for a few days.
Day3-big 10 mile hike with Tim and his dad. Nice views. Very cobbley. MNF --Tuiososopo
Day4-Rent a car and drive to Boston to see Tim's other sister, who is an Americorp volunteer there.
Day5-Tour Boston via the Freedom Trail. Finally get to see some of those historical sites learned about in school. More interesting to be actually there.
Day6-Drive to western Massachusetts for fall foliage. Some snow. Cold but lovely.
Day7-Drive back to Jersey after organic breakfast at roadside cafe. Connecticut looks a lot like Mass. Meet friend of Tim's for dinner
Day8-Met with another of Tim's friends. Drive to Philadelphia in search of cheese steaks. Settle for Mr. Chicken where everything is chicken, even the turkey.
Day9-Fly home. Our 5 hour flight turns into a 13.5 hour adventure as the California wildfires prevents our plane from landing in LAX. We spend 7 hours sitting in the plane on a runway in Los Vegas. Plane runs out of drinking water, food, drinks, and toilet space. Flight attendants try to appese the masses by showing the other movie, "Legally Blonde, 2". (Don't think it makes it better.) Are allowed 30 min off plane while toilets are serviced. Tim and I use this time to go to the bathroom, fill a Nalgene with water, and buy sub sandwiches. Finally arrive at the airport, drive home. End up being up for 22 hours!


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